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Perliv, protects against fire! » 29.10.2014

Perliv, protects against fire!

Fire is a significant risk to the safety of occupants of buildings, construction and civil works. The need to reduce this risk affects all phases of the construction process from design to commissioning building work, maintenance and use.

Under this situation is considered passive fire protection as all measures to limit the spread of fire and slow its effects. In order to minimize damage to a building, to protect the main materials are steel, concrete and timber as far as the structure is concerned. We must also pay close attention to the lines and installations steps, by which fire can spread easily.

Perliv, made ​​from expanded perlite adequately classified by particle size for use in the manufacture of mortars passive fire protection, turns out to be the perfect constructive solution to provide optimal thermal insulation and in turn providing passive protection against fire.

It can be applied by spraying or direct application attempting a continuous coating, thus avoiding discontinuities and irregularities in the envelope of the building, thereby controlling the occurrence of thermal bridges. Mortars with Perliv suit a variety of media, even when they are exposed to vibration or settlement. No fissure or crack due to its strong adhesion and flexibility.

Besides being a great insulator, Perliv has rated in mixtures with cement and gypsum, fireproof material serving as the IRAM 11910-2: 1998, Building material: Reaction to fire, equivalent to ISO 1182: 1990. These exceptional advantages must add that Perliv sound absorption characteristics has supplemented its functionality in modern construction, thus being considered a high performance material.


  • Reaction to fire A1.
  • Granular or powdered material, ready to mix.
  • White.
  • Manual or projected application.
  • Easy to review manually.
  • Can be painted.
  • For indoor or outdoor.
  • Free of dangerous toxins.

Aplication: The Perliv mortars can be used is the coating of interior building elements in buildings in order to increase the fire resistance in case of fire, maintaining the strength, integrity and insulation (REI) of the construction elements to extinguishment or proceed to evacuate the building.

Passive protection against fire:

  • Steel structures (beams and columns).
  • Beams and concrete pillars.
  • Forged and concrete walls.
  • Forged mixed concrete and decking.