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Perliv® construction - Advantage


The relevant feature of Perliv® is its low weight, much lower than other traditional materials it can replace or add to, as the case may be, allowing a significant reduction in the calculation and weight of the structures, while facilitating handling and transfers.

The density of Perliv® is approximately 100 kg/m3. 

It is 15 times lighter than sand, 8 times longer than expanded clay and 6 times lighter than volcanic granulates.



Perliv® is an optimal insulator, way above all known insulators, non-flammable, does not degrade or alter as compared to most chemical agents. Its use in construction allows climatically well-protected rooms without condensation in walls and ceilings.



Perliv® is fireproof, fire resistant protecting the structure and fixed assets of the building.

Inert and non-toxic, unlike other insulators (asbestos free).

Perliv® has low abrasiveness in relation to other materials, keeping the useful life and proper operation of the equipment used in construction.

Perliv® is easy to apply, quick and clean, and does not require specialized labor, while facilitating handling and transport. 

Perliv® is reusable; the excess may be used in future projects.

Perliv® has no saturation point and works all day long 100% without loosing energy by any of the transfer methods.

The lightest expanded clay mortar possible vs. Perliv®, shows that Perliv® has higher heath resistance.