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Perlitemp® rigid thermal insulation

Perlitemp® is a PREMIUM rigid thermal insulator in the form of plates, half and quarters of rods recommended for use in industrial facilities, oil plants, chemical plants, refineries, power plants and diverse processing plants.

Its main component, "expanded perlite," is one of the best thermal insulation known, ideal to insulate pipes and equipment at high, medium and low temperatures due to its low thermal conductivity rate, good mechanical resistance and low water absorption.

For use at very high temperatures, it is installed in conjunction with refractory materials such as ceramic furnace, iron and steel industries. At low temperatures, it was also used successfully together with moisture barriers to avoid condensation.

Perlitemp® is lightweight and resistant, which eases its handling and application. Given its minimal water absorption, its thermal conductivity is not affected throughout time. It protects pipes and equipment from corrosion, making Perlitemp® the thermal insulator ideal for any type of industrial facility. It has a low amount of chloride ions, large amount of sodium silicate inhibitors, which allows offering excellent protection to pipes and industrial equipment. 

Perlitemp® contains no asbestos or any other material which is hazardous to health; its handling does not irritate skin. 

Perlitemp® has the lowest thermal conductivity rates among the insulators commonly used at industrial premises.