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Perfiltra®Harbolite® filtration - Advantage

PERFILTRA® & HARBORLITE® act mechanically and not chemically.

PERFILTRA® & HARBORLITE® are formed by irregular interweaved and overlapped particles, thus leaving 90% of the structure empty or with open spaces, making it too lightweight.

PERFILTRA® & HARBORLITE® have millions of fine microscopic openings between its particles, whose size is so small that it does not allow the passing of the solids, and are separated from the liquid.

Due to their internal structure PERFILTRA® & HARBORLITE® allow a rapid flow rate and excellent clarity.

PERFILTRA® & HARBORLITE® are optimum filtering auxiliaries due to their lightweight, inert and high porosity features, which allows keeping the filter cake free for liquid flow.

PERFILTRA® & HARBORLITE® have an ideal structure because they are sufficiently closed to trap and contain the filterable solids, but do not prevent a high flow of initial liquid, leaving a high rate of channels open for the flow.

PERFILTRA® & HARBORLITE® allow the formation of the prelayer with the desired flow and clarity.

PERFILTRA® & HARBORLITE® are available in a range of grades to meet the solid elimination requirement in any application..


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