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Perlome® agricultural perlite - Properties

Retains moisture: In a mixture for cultivation, the agricultural perlite PERLOME® allows retaining moisture for a longer period of time, easily eliminating the excess of moist upon saturation.

Improves soil ventilation and structure: Allows a proper exchange of gases (O2 and CO2) and avoids compacting or hardening of the soil. 

It is an ideal complement for substrates: Maximizes nutrients available for the plant, allows keeping water soluble nutrients trapped in the surface of the PERLOME® particles, improving the flow of water, nutrients and air, up to the primary and secondary roots.

Improves rapid rooting: Guarantees a favorable soil structure for faster root growth, reduces transplantation impact, and increases the survival rate.

Inert and pH neutral.

Lightweight: Given the low weight of PERLOME®, the substrates made of our product are very lightweight, which is a huge advantage when preparing crops in terraces, baskets, hanging pots, or in applications where the weight factor is decisive. While the wet ground has a density of up to 2,240 kg/m³, a mixture of peat - PERLOME® with the same volume reduces up to 75% by weight.

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